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Are Voucher Codes Incremental? Part 2…

2 years ago By Uncategorized

Our last post certainly suggests that it’s all doom and gloom when it comes down to Vouchers with Affiliate Marketing.

However, this is NOT the case!

Affiliate Marketing is a fantastic source for getting your brand out there… We spoke in the previous post about using more concise voucher codes. If you run four product specific voucher codes, you may not see any of them used, but your customer is seeing several offers… possibly more than that of your competitors. The idea is that the consumer will remember your brand as a brand that always runs codes and is in turn great value, thus potentially cementing future transactions.

Even though this is a point that was covered in the last post, I believe it needs somewhat emphasising. Avoid running ONLY broad voucher codes that offer a set discount across a large range of products. This is particularly applicable if your industry has a high average order value – if you’re offering a 10% discount on a £300 sale, coupled with the commission and override you’ll be paying out, your spend is going to be rocketing up.

The most important thing to consider when working with Voucher publishers is policing… If you don’t keep an eye on the partners on the periphery of your programme, you may very well experience some fraudulent activity. Warn these publishers, as they will look to mislead your consumers with invalid offers, thus causing a bad customer experience. Equally, these are the publishers who will look to thrive on the prospect of the consumer clicking through to your site, making a sale and gaining the commission from the transaction. Police your account!

If you consider all of the points raised in this post, you should experience legitimate value from your Voucher publishers and the codes you run.