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Are Voucher Codes Incremental? Part 1…

2 years ago By Affiliate, Digital Marketing, Optley

The ongoing debate regarding the true value of Affiliate Marketing focuses primarily on role of both Voucher codes and the Voucher publishers themselves. It’s easy to assume that if your voucher code is being widely used, then it must be a success and must be making you money. However, if you’re seeing one of your voucher codes being widely used, it could likely also mean that it is too broad and is in fact losing you money.

Consumers can’t believe their luck when they find a voucher code that will grant them 10% off across every product on your site. It’s true to say that a code such as this may very well drive a sale, but it also increases the possibility of someone nabbing 10% off a sale they were going to make anyway.

To counter this, you’ll need to make your codes either category or even product specific. However, you’ll almost certainly see the volume of consumers using your codes decrease. This is of course a safer method, as the likelihood is that this may influence consumers to purchase that product when they may have not done without the code.

On the other hand, this increases the possibility of the consumer clicking through to your site via an affiliate link, having not seen an offer that appeals to them, and making a transaction which in turn will be attributed to the affiliate – meaning you’re paying out a commission to the publisher, who in all likelihood has had no influence on the sale.

Going on the information here, you may say it seems fairly conclusive that Vouchers are not incremental. However, in next month’s post, we’ll inform you on how to tighten up your Affiliate programme, and use Voucher codes effectively.