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Are Voucher Codes Incremental? Part 2…

2 years ago By Uncategorized

Our last post certainly suggests that it’s all doom and gloom when it comes down to Vouchers with Affiliate Marketing. However, this is NOT the case! Affiliate Marketing is a fantastic source for getting your brand out there… We spoke…


Expanded Text Ads

2 years ago By Adwords, Google, PPC

We’ve been using Expanded Text Ads (ETA) for some time now, but be warned, Google will cease to run standard Ads as of January next year! Thus far we have seen an increase in CTR. Last month, one of our…


The Black Friday Plague

2 years ago By Adwords, Affiliate, Google, PPC

Symptoms; Profuse sweating, nervous disposition, heart palpitations. Diagnosis; Black Friday. There has been an explosion in popularity of Black Friday and its price slashing capabilities over the last few years. Unfortunately for advertisers, there is no cure. But there’s no…

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Positively Negative

2 years ago By Adwords, PPC

Did you know? A well-kept secret, particularly for PPC newbies, when someone searches for a product in Google and there are more than 10 words in that search, if your negative keywords falls after the 10th word, your ad may…


Head Strong

3 years ago By Adwords, Analytics

We could soon be utilising even more characters in our Paid Search ads. That’s because ‘extended headlines’ are currently in beta with Google and if given positive feedback, could be making its way to a SERP near you. At the…