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How to Better your Newsletter

2 years ago By Adwords, Analytics, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Media, Optley

Email Marketing is an important channel and may be deemed invaluable by many of you. Yet, the nature of your newsletters could possibly have a huge impact on the success of your campaign.

Many of you likely consider whether to run a Halloween themed Newsletter in the latter stages of October and I suspect that you had several arguments for and against doing so. We would agree that there are certain things to consider when composing a Newsletter during a holiday period.

Firstly, if your products are by no means related to the holiday in question, will a newsletter based around that holiday come across somewhat tacky? It’s plausible to assume that yes, it definitely could… However, many believe that novelty sells… This being the case, a holiday themed newsletter might be more customer engaging and inspire a purchase, purely down to the fun factor.

Taking Halloween as an example, some merchants will consider a subject title along the lines of ‘Spooky Deals’. This is fine, but if your products aren’t related to Halloween, then you should ensure that you are advertising some form of promotion, elsewise it might come across a little cheap to your readers.

Should newsletters jump on the novelty bandwagon? It probably depends on the nature of your industry. You should consider your target audience, would they appreciate a fun email, or would they rather just prefer to be made aware of what it is you’re promoting?

Overall, it boils down to your target audience and the nature of your industry. If you think it’s possible that a themed newsletter could be associated with terms such as ‘cheap’ or ‘tacky’, then you might want to consider your options.