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Smart Retargeting (For Dummies)

2 years ago By Digital Marketing, Display Advertising, Optley

The concept of retargeting is a simple one – increase your sales by reengaging with consumers who abandoned your site.

It seems like somewhat of a ‘no brainer’ from an advertising point of view, but there are several things to be aware of if you’re considering venturing in the realm of Smart Retargeting (SR). First and foremost, if your site is small and as of yet is not driving a large volume of traffic, you may want to hold back for a while. For SR to work it requires what is essentially a list of users to target… If the list is only just surpassing the threshold, it’ll be hard to analyse its success. Secondly, there are various payment models including CPC and various forms of CPA – ensure the model has the potential to be profitable for your business.

If you have assessed the situation, and you deem SR to be a viable channel for your brand then you’ll want to consider the following things in order to run a successful SR campaign.

It seems kind of obvious, but make sure the images you use to retarget users are good! Preferably the best you have. Certain SR providers do not allow you to put together your own creative, but if you are able to, it might even be worth having it made professionally. Many people, myself included, have no eye of design whatsoever, so ask around your office… is there anyone that likes playing around on Photoshop? Or want to learn how to use Google Web Designer? You should certainly consider having dynamic creative. That is, creative that changes depending on the person engaging with the ad.

There’s no point bombarding the users who abandoned your site with products that are unrelated to the products they were looking at beforehand. Some could argue that retargeting the exact same product is also pointless… that’s your prerogative! But consider what you want to promote…

Possibly the most important factor to consider is who you’re targeting… In other words, target the right people! Do you want to be targeting people who only spent a short amount of time on your site? Probably not. Preferably, you want to engage with people who have interacted with your other channels, added to the basket but as of yet have not converted. For example, if they’ve subscribed to your email newsletter and have opened the email but not purchased… This indicates the user is interested in your brand but just need a little push in order to get that conversion.

There’s almost certainly potential value with SR but we suggest you consider the points raised in this post before making any decisions. We also suggest that test, test and then possibly do some more tests!